Sagamore Mini Storage
Sagamore Mini Storage Trailer Rental

Size: 6’ X 6’ x 12.5’ with 2” ball
Cost: $120.00 per day (including GST)

Rental Conditions

Person renting must provide Sagamore Properties Ltd. with a valid Driver’s License and a valid Visa or MasterCard.

The utility trailer is to be returned in the same clean condition as when it was first rented.
  • 116 Inside Units
  • Trailer Rentals
  • 41 8'x20' container units* 
Our top of the line facility includes the following:
  • 24-7 DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE                                                    *some container units are located outside the compound

Unit sizes: W x D X H (monthly rental including GST)
  5’ x   8’ x 8' = $  64.25
  5’ x 10’ x 8' = $  80.25
10' x 10' x 8' = $109.75
  9' x 15' x 8' = $134.75
10’ x 20’ x 8' = $161.25
10’ x 30’ x 8' = $198.25
10' x 40' x 8' = $252.75
  8' x 20' x 8' = $149.75

For current availability, phone our office at: (250) 442-2652

What will fit:
5 x 10 - Walk in Closet
Studio or small one bedroom apartment: mattress set, sofa, dining room set, boxes and miscellaneous items
10 x 10 - Average size bedroom
Furnishings from 1 or 2 bedroom apartment: refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture, many boxes, etc.
10 x 20 - One car garage
Furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom home: appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras
10 x 30 - Extra large garage
Furnishings from a 4 or 5 bedroom home: appliances, patio furniture, garage extras, miscellaneous items


5% discount for pre-paid 6 month rentals
10% discount for pre-paid 12 month rentals

We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, & E-Transfers

Sagamore Properties Ltd. does not assume responsibility or liability or make any representation for the performance of its equipment. The renter discharges Sagamore Properties Ltd. from all damages whatsoever, resulting from the performance and/or malfunctioning of said equipment, whether or not there is fault or negligence on the part of Sagamore Properties Ltd.

The renter may be liable for the payment of the deductible in the case of loss or damage to Sagamore Properties Ltd. equipment in the renter's possession. Should the loss or damage not be covered by Sagamore Properties Ltd. insurance policy due to action/inaction on the part of the renter, the renter will be liable in full for the full replacement cost of the equipment.